Ruger Releases American Rifle Ranch In 7.62x39mm

Sturm Ruger and Co. has added a new model in it’s American Rifle Ranch line with a flat dark earth stock and a 7.62x39mm chamber, according to a release.

The line of bolt action rifles is known for its ergonomic, lightweight, synthetic stocks designed for quick shouldering and easy handling. Now, folks who are fans of AK-47 platform rifles now have a bolt gun option that lets them use the same rimless, bottlenecked ammo, designed by the Soviets during WWII.

The world’s most widespread military-pattern rifle was designed for this round: the AK-47, though it was largely replaced beginning in the 1970s with the 5.46x39mm cartridge, which is used by the current-issue AK-74M and its variants. The 5.46 is more similar to the 5.56 NATO cartridge in terms of ballistics.

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