AMTAC Fire Ant Suppressor

I recently had the pleasure of getting to attend a media event hosted by AMTAC Suppressors. AMTAC Suppressors are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and are a relatively new company in the suppressor Industry, getting their start four years ago. AMTAC Suppressors started out as a division of Advance Manufacturing Technology, which has been in business for over 40 years.

Advance Manufacturing Technology does custom fabrication for the Aerospace, Defense, and Medical industries. The event was held at the beautiful Hendrikson PMAA Range, west of Salt Lake City, and featured AMTAC’s Fire Ant suppressor.

The AMTAC Fire Ant is a direct thread suppressor designed for rimfire rifles and pistols. The Fire Ant is made of stainless steel and can handle the following calibers: .22LR, .17 WSM, .17 HMR, .22 MAG, .22WMR, .22 Hornet, and 5.7 x 28. The Fire Ant is a split sleeve design, which makes it easy to clean. AMTAC has designed the suppressor so it can be easily disassembled with tools already in your toolbox. The Bore fits a 1/4″ Allen wrench, while the end cap has 7/8″ wrench flats.