CrossBreed Founder’s Series Supertuck IWB Holster and Executive Gun Belt

We recently got our hands on Cross Breed’s latest addition to the companies continually growing IWB holster collection, the Founder’s Series. In particular we took a look at the Founder’s Series SuperTuck® IWB Holster, in addition to the Founder’s Series Executive Gun Belt.

Although the introduction of the Founder’s Series holsters is new, the designs themselves are not, having been around for while. However, the company is making a number of changes to the design that we see here today.

Full disclosure, I’m an appendix carry guy through and through.I need to mention this because the Super Tuck IWB isn’t meant to be in an appendix position, instead being in a waist mounted configuration (this one being right handed) If you’ve read my review of the Taurus Curve, traditional belts versus Cobra buckles, or the IWB Warfytr Holster system, you’ll notice that I stick to appendix throughout my writing reviews.

I didn’t always used to be that way, always experimenting with different positions such as small of the back (a very large health risk, not to mention impossible to know if you are brandishing or concealing), various traditional carries either forwards or backwards of my waist, and even ankle holsters and holster shirts. Personally I think appendix conceals the best throughout a wide number of body motions if used with a proper belt/pant/shirt setup, you have one hundred precent visibility of whether your firearm is printing or not, and it allows a very fast draw time if practiced.

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