Magnum Research introduces TTS-22 suppressed .22LR barrel

Designed for Magnum’s semi-auto rifles as well as an aftermarket barrel that will fit all Ruger 10/22s, the new TTS-22 suppressed barrel has been in the works for over a year.

Announced this week and slated for an “early 2018” shipping date, the 1.1-pound TTS (Tactical Tensioned Suppressed) barrel uses a Benz chamber and anodized monolithic baffle stack mated to a tensioned hammer forged barrel liner to provide what Magnum describes as “extreme accuracy.”

The barrel liner is 16.1-inches long, which keeps the user to just the tax stamp for the suppressor, and has an overall diameter of .875-inches. User servicable, the baffles can be field stripped without tools and reassembled without affecting the barrel’s point of impact.

Price on one of Minnesota-based company’s MagnumLite rimfire rifles, with a 20.25-inch TTS-22 barrel installed, retails for $860 while a standalone suppressed barrel for non-takedown Ruger 10/22s is $399.