A Hand Crafted Knife For Christmas

I just wanted to post a quick note this morning in support of James Wahls, a small business owner over at Indy Hammered Knives.

He has advertised with us on and off over the years (it’s tough doing so for a small business). While he currently is on a shoe-string budget, I felt compelled to help him by reminding you all of his business. I’ve always felt strongly about supporting small business and ‘Made in the USA’ when possible.

Maybe there’s someone out there who would like to support him by purchasing one of his amazing hand crafted hand forged knives. A special gift indeed.

First I wanted to show you a video of James in his shop:
(I love the knife in the video with the ‘deer shed’ handle)

I’ve done several posts in the past while promoting his business if you’re interested:

New Hand Forged Survival Knife From Indy Hammered Knives
A Hand Forged, Hand Made Knife Made In The USA
My Hand Forged-Hammered Knife

James not only has a lineup of his own knife designs, but he will also custom make a knife if that’s what you want…

He doesn’t know I’m doing this, but I just wanted to give him some props. At least give him a little traffic and check out his site if you’re curious. He has all sorts of interesting knives (and other stuff)

source: http://modernsurvivalblog.com/